Weeks 7-9

I continue to think about relaxing, Alexander technique alignment, opera singer, and spinning the voice through a large space in my pharynx and projecting it through my breath. Breath is big. I have learned it is really the most important thing for me to have control and hit the notes not just with confidence, but with better control and accuracy.

I have also learned that if I allow myself to move while singing, it not only feels better, but allows the relaxing into the song, getting me out of the way of the song. So much of this is in my head, it is the way I am thinking that can get in the way or free me up to sing better, more naturally, but more technically correct. I have a long way to go, but I feel I have made some breakthroughs these past few weeks.

Weeks 4-6

Mainly working on vocalizes to transition head to chest voice for jury pieces.

Working on jury pieces, starting with chest voice for “God is With Us”, and getting ‘twang’, singing forward but with space to get resonance. The twang is good for the other pieces, especially the responsive Healing piece.

Thinking ‘British Opera Singer Diva’ for constant spin for “Laudate Dominum”. Letting my air spin and flow with support, allowing my brain to just get the notes out in the runs.

Loosening and relaxing, and trying to allow the Alexander technique to just happen and let my body relax. Thinking loose chin, no neck stress, drawing and pulling audience to me, not stretching towards them.


Week 3

Started working on the duet piece I plan to do for church with another mezzo soprano, Dvorak’s ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’. Trying to schedule rehearsal times, cannot find a youtube recording of a duet, all I find is in unison (I want to share this with Jenna, the other mezzo.

Continuing to ‘work’ ;-P at relaxing. I tend to go sharp or shrill, but if i relax and open the back of my throat and think of singing forward with vowels in the front and open space in my ‘cathedral’ throat, I am able to achieve a richer, fuller, on pitch tone and have more control in transitions. It is a bit of a breakthrough if I can learn to sustain this practice.

Week 2

This week, ‘Opera singer’ is my image, and living in the vowels. Besides these concepts and proper breathing and posture, I am trying to not over complicate things. I am relaxing, micro-moving, soft knees, and enjoying singing to reduce tension.

This week I got back to choir at church, so expanding singing experiences. I am more aware of how and why our director is doing things, and enjoy taking mental notes on her conducting for my conducting class ;-D

I have been singing (lip trilling mostly) in the car with the choir music CD and the Holden “Singing Our Prayer” CD which has the piece I will prepare for jury this semester.

main focuses; RELAXING!, Opera singer diva, vowels, opening space and singing forward out of my mouth with relaxed jaw and neck.

Trying not to think too hard…….


Week 1

I have been working on warm-ups and Laudate Dominum.

I have been practicing with AH’s, Oh’s, and just the vowel sounds on this piece. I am struggling with breaking bad posture habits and rethinking about proper breathing.

I am struggling with thinking ‘spinning’ and ping while tending to go sharp by a half step at the end of the piece (singing accapella).

Opening my ‘Cathedral’ space, keeping my chin back and loose (keeping relaxed), and vowels forward are all things I am working on. When I get tired, the vowels fall back with my tongue, I must keep it forward.

The straight tones vs. vibrato has been on my mind and practice all week.

Timing has improved, trilling alludes me.

Thinking ‘Diva Opera singer’ really helps…. 😉